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Janapareddy HosptialsWe are team of professionals with a shared vision to provide affordable quality health care based on ethical practices. We rely on our team of Qualified experienced people, Best practices and Repeatable processes and adopt Modern technology.

We pride ourselves for being able to consistently provide ethical health care and differentiate ourselves in terms of lower Patient Admission Days, lower Medicine & Investigations per Admission while continuing to provide quality health care and deal with all kinds of Pediatric, Neonatal, Gynec and other emergencies.


We have team of qualified highly experienced doctors, nurses, paramedic and support staff. We constantly upskill and crossskill our team to keep up with the latest developments. We actively participant in academic and people development programs.


We follow the best practices of the industry and are a process oriented organization to offer predictable results.


We use modern equipment technolgy to our advantage in NICU, PICU, OT, Lab, OP etc. We leverage information technology and automation for running our operations. Our facilities are internet ready, with video conferencing facility to consult doctors for expert opinion and family members to see thier dear ones from anywhere at any time.


Ethical affordable quality healthcare using skilled people, best practices and modern technology.


Caring - Excellence - Loyalty - Commitment -Integrity

Management Team

Dr. Vijay Shekhar Janapareddy

Dr. Vijay Shekhar Janapareddy
MD (Pead)
Medical Director & Sr. Consultant

Sarojini J

Sarojini J
Director Operations

Raj Shekher J

Raj Shekher J

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